Daydream Queen … Let nothing hold you back & dream big!

I’m not professing to be a creative genius. It has just always been a special talent of mine, living in a meadow of procrastination & rumination.

As a writer I spend every waking hour conjuring up scenes, hearing the chatter of characters inside my head, replaying past events to delve into my experiences I’ve had and manipulate them to create new ones.

Truth be told, in reality when someone speaks to me I’m simply nodding along, throwing in the occasional ‘yeh… uh uh,’ whilst conjuring up something unique and magical. I needed to focus and direct my energy into what I truly wanted most.

blog3Becoming a writer was a challenge for me. I had to stop wasting my day away inside my head and channel my energy into something tangible.


I’m not the first or last to be daunted by the prospect of taking a passion or idea and pushing themselves to achieve more. Its scary starting out!

Our negative doubts kick in and sabotage sets in.

  • Maybe you find your self listing all the other responsibilities and roles you need to fulfil.

  • Your day is already too full, where would you find the time?

  • your family comes first, it would be selfish to take time out for yourself.

  • What if your not good enough & you fail!

These are all the things  I said to myself. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

In the end I just started. At first writing, followed by more writing, dipping my toe into the sea of social media and onto my newest hurdle, blog quote

Ten minutes a day grew to half an hour or more. Two years later and I’ve finished the first draft of my book and established a network. Even when my fears crept in, trying to drown me in doubt, I ignored them and carried on.

Why? That’s simple … I love writing! And you know what, your five minutes a day could flourish into something too.

The way I see it is, people will allow our odd mistakes or mishaps, we are all human after all. The beauty of failure is that’s how we learn and grow. So lets try… what do we have to lose?

So you see, I believe in dreams, fantasy, reality and all things in between. Follow your ponders, watch in wonder as they ebb and flow, if we’re lucky and brave enough a few might come true.

Want to follow me on my blogging journey? I’d love to have you along for the ride.

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9 thoughts on “Daydream Queen … Let nothing hold you back & dream big!

    1. Haha Your right, if only my family would understand that. 😉 Thanks for replying. Please excuses my unfinished blog, I have rectified it now. Take a peek and let me know what you think of the finished piece.


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