#Writespiration #92 First and Last Line #YA

Exciting!! I have to take part in this weeks #Writespiration. I am inspired by Sacha Black’s first and last lines of her current WIP. Her words tantalised me. After a thrilling peruse over Shelly Wilson’s WIP I was sold. I just have to join in and I most defiantly have to get a copy of there books in the future.

Want to have a go, Sacha’s blog has all the details.

blog book

I am revealing work from my debut novel Ethereal flame

My first line:

The elfin girl wept violently as pain ripped through her stomach right the way up into her chest, as if something was shredding her from the inside out. She screamed into the night.

Almost the last line: (Well, ‘The End’ isn’t very exciting. Wink!)

‘Goodnight.’ She breathed, vanishing from beneath him. Leaving her scent and warmth in his bed. Soon she would never have to leave his side again. He rolled back onto the pillows.

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