Summer holiday fears

Six whole weeks home alone with my children. Sounds delightful to some parents. Yet each year I dread the long holiday. Counting down the weeks, checking the dates to see if the school have slyly taken a seven week break. (Oh yes! They have done that.)

Maybe its because I’m not a ‘working mum’? I say the term ‘working mum’ loosely, as in fact I run three business. As we know fantasy writing can beΒ  created from the comfort of our homes. A comfort that turns into a battle field at holiday times. My job isn’t the issue. Its the pressure of pleasing my children. Trying to avoid the inevitable words ‘I’m bored’ from suffocating me.

As a child I roamed free, from dusk till dawn. A magical world, the land around me my eternal playground.

Now a days I keep a short leash on my children. Its not that I fear invisible child predators. Its more of being afraid of bad parenting, of the judgement cast from other parents.

So I line up weekly swim sessions, theme parks, sleepovers, picnics, camping … the list goes on. I’m ready, organised but twitching with a prickly dread.

Beach summer Holiday Children dog

I wonder if I’m truly the only parent like this. Dreading the day in day out monotony of reward charts, sibling rivalry and using excessive house cleaning as an avoidance method.

A mum on social media asked: ‘How do you cope with the kids in the holidays?’

I replied: ‘Put my I-pod on and pretend they aren’t here.’

She thought I was joking. But truth is by week 5 I’m on the brink and what ever stops me from strangling a raging teenager has got to be good.

I’m starting to realise I have in fact become my own nemesis. My children rely on me for entertainment. Missing the freedom of the great outdoor without me to hold hands. They aren’t street smart and are too timid to go it alone.

Then I counted how many more summer holidays I’d have left to endure… The surprising answer is, nowhere near enough. I realised that for all the stress and heartache of raising children their time with us is a gift. The holiday drama is a small price to pay for a loving family.

So lets relax, release the reins a little and enjoy our summer!

10 thoughts on “Summer holiday fears

  1. Those days when the children are young are just magical. We may well tear our hair out during school holidays, but looking back now (as I do, frequently) I’d have those days back in an instant, if it were possible. Needless to say, my six have been grown up for a long time – the youngest is 32 – but I still miss them all here (empty nest syndrome, I know). In our house it was simply ‘Summer Holiday Pandemonium’.
    I enjoyed reading your post and I hope you all have a wonderful summer in Cardigan Bay.

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  2. Alex Hurst

    I think it’s all about balance. My mom somehow kept 6 homeschooled, energetic kids in check and entertained by teaching us how to entertain ourselves. Creative pursuits are a great help in that…. if your kids are interested in the arts or writing, you can always give them a task for the summer. Teenagers are a bit more difficult. My dad used to just drop us off at the library for 2-3 hours. We had to learn how to occupy our own time… and since the only thing there was books…. well~ we read quite a bit. πŸ™‚

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    1. My daughters will fill every minute being creative but my son is only interested in computer games. Everyday I’m battling to divert his attention. Banning tech makes no difference, he just talks about it endlessly. He loves Zelda!

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