Author interview ~ H.R. Savage

lost in vengeance.jpgLost in vengeance.

Killian Stone is a fierce and dedicated Alpha but shows warmth and compassion when needed. Catrina Macintyre is a strong willed and independent female who does not acknowledge or obey Killian as her Alpha. Attraction and tension rise as the couple become intertwined.

A powerfully seductive paranormal romance. Savage reignited my love for this genre with her debut novel. She has a gift for sweeping me up in a complex storm of in-depth emotions. She beautifully crafts her characters Killian and Cat. Making me laugh, cry, fall in love and fight along with them. I expect great things from this author and can not wait for her next book. H.R. Savage

What drove you to write paranormal romance?

There wasn’t necessarily a driving force to writing PNR. Lost in Vengeance kind of just came to me, I wrote it, and went with it.  Writing PNR is fun, though! Being able to create imaginary creatures and manipulate myth to suit my story is one reason why I love writing. Paranormal is limitless.

Who are your favourite authors? And what genre do you enjoy reading the most?

I always freak out when people ask me this, as well as what my favorite movie is lol. It’s so hard to answer because I always feel like I’m leaving something out. Some of my top authors are for sure K. Bromberg, Dannika Dark, Elle Christensen, Danielle Ione, Cambria Hebert, J.R. Ward, Patricia Briggs, and Jeaniene Frost. This is just to name a few because I have a long list of must-read authors. As far as genre, I really bounce back and forth. My favorite is definitely Paranormal.

Lost in vengeance teaser by hr Savage
Lost in vengeance teaser by hr Savage

Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?

I wouldn’t say the first story I ever read had an impact, but my first romance novel I ever read was Cowboy Takes a Wife by Joanne Johnston. I was only 8 or 9 and really shouldn’t have been reading it lol. I fell in love with romance since that moment. There was something so captivating about this man loving this woman who had a huge scar across her face. (It’s an old book and I haven’t read it in a while, but I still have it and totally recommend it if you like westerns lol)

Why did you choose Lost in Vengeance as the title for your book?

I battled with the title for a bit. It was Seeking Vengeance and Hunting Vengeance at one point, but Lost in Vengeance fit the bill. Cat is so stuck on her idea of revenge that she can’t see the world around her or what she’s really missing–a family. Killian tries to make her see that.

Where were you when the idea for this book came to you?

I was sleeping lol. My stories commonly come when I’m dreaming. I have very vivid dreams to the point where I can feel pain, pleasure, etc.

Lost in vengeance teaser by hr Savage
Lost in vengeance teaser by hr Savage

Is being a writer a gift or a curse?

I would say both. It’s a gift because I love that I can create these worlds and characters and other people enjoy reading it. I also love that moment when the characters take on a life of their own and the dialogue/action/details all come out in a continuous flow. But it can also be a curse. Once you write one the pressure is on to write more. It feels like I have to hurry and write or my readers will abandon me. It also makes me feel guilty when I don’t sit down and write. In other ways it’s a curse because I’ll be driving on the freeway and have the BEST idea…but I can’t stop and write it down lol.

Where do you write? Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

My “office” is in the corner of my kitchen at the moment lol. Someday I’ll have a nice isolated office where I can shut the door on my screaming children, but for now I like my little tiny desk. I don’t really have any quirky writing habits. I have to have music in my headphones so I can block out the world, and a glass of wine makes it much easier to write sex scenes 😉

How long did it take you to write Lost in vengeance?

Lost in Vengeance took me about a year to write. I wasn’t fiercely dedicated to it for a while and at some point had to re-write about 8 chapters. It took a long time!

Kiss understatement by HR Savage
Kiss understatement by HR Savage

Which character from your novel, do you most identify with?

Hmmm. I’d have to say there’s a little bit of me in every character. Kelly’s mothering ways, Cat’s stubbornness, and Jessica’s excitability. In future characters there’s quite a bit of me as well.

Out of your characters, who would you most like to spend the day with and why?

Jamie most definitely. He’s so amazing.

Your characters emotions came across with ease, it’s my favourite writing quality in your work. Did you find any specific challenges in writing Lost in vengeance and what would you do different next time?

That’s so awesome you say that! It’s one thing I constantly worry about because emotions are everything in a good book.  One of the biggest challenges was the sex scenes. It was so hard to capture Cat’s innocence but still give her personality.

BigBadAlpha Teaser HR SAVAGE
BigBadAlpha Teaser HR SAVAGE

You portrayed the characters as wolves brilliantly. Why choose wolves & how did you research the animals behaviour?

I’ve always loved wolves. They’re beautiful animals that are highly misunderstood. Yes, they can be dangerous and kill off livestock, but to have them hunted and eradicated from areas is so heartbreaking. I could really go off on a whole spiel about this but I’ll save you the long interview 😉 I used a lot of videos to research behaviour as well as visited a small zoo in Big Bear. They have a small rehabilitation zoo, and in it they have a pack of beautiful wolves. They were really lovely to watch.

Give us an interesting fun fact about Lost in vengeance.

Cat’s character was inspired by Khaleesi. I freaking love that woman.

Were there any scenes that you found particularly challenging to write and why?

The fight scenes were on the top of my list beside sex scenes. The particular scene with Quinn at the end was so difficult because I had to look up techniques, watch videos, and then try to translate that into the story without getting too technical.


white wolf PhotoPin
photo credit: Portrait of a polar wolf via photopin (license)

There was a character I had to delete during the editing phase, but I always regret it. I loved this guy for his uniqueness, and he gave Kelly and Finn a bit more background. Unfortunately, he was also a bit useless to the storyline.

Were there alternative endings you considered?

Yes actually!  Cat originally decided not to keep the Faol Geal. She felt it would harm the pack more than help.

What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

Book 2 in the series (currently titled Found in Hope) is with the higher ups at LooseID so we’ll see where that goes. I’m really excited for my readers to get their hands on it because Jamie and his girl, Skylar, are amazing. Right now I’m writing the third book in the series (currently titled Claimed by Magic but this could change), and it’s Aidan’s story 🙂 In the future, I am hoping to have audiobooks available too.


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