A bite sized Pinterest lesson for authors

pinterest for authors

I’ve gone over the importance of building a platform and using your brand to drive your audience to you via social media.

I’ve been taking a closer look at how Pinterest can become an authors asset in the digital world. This week I’ll take you through some of the  features I’ve learnt about in the last few years.

never give up social media for authors

Set up a business Pinterest account, it looks the same as a personnel account but has tools and analytics that will aid you and your blog. keeping in mind your Brand, – who you are and how your portraying yourself.

Setting up a Pinterest profile, is daunting. However the steps are simple and can take an hour. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and this doesn’t have to be either. Any content you add here can be echoed through all social media platforms. Put some thought into your profile description using words that correlate to you.

Pin boards – go nuts fill up boards full of squirrels or old cars, what ever floats your boat. A word to the wise, if its harmful to your brand, or bears no relevance, keep the board locked from public view.

social media for authors

Name each pin board with keywords, ones that easily attributed titles and descriptions, like: Author writing tips, Fantasy character ideas, World building themes – you get the idea.

Add boards that will direct the right audience to your profile, so for authors you could add a library board and fill it with books within your genre.

Verify your website ULR in settings. This took me a few tries and a couple of YouTube videos, but have faith, if I can master technology so can  you.

book pen artist writer author Lorraine Ambers fantasy romance novel YA

Install the Pin it button. You can have one on your blog so your audience can show appreciation by adding you content to there board. Also you can Pin and link each image on your blog / website to your Pinterest account. I made a board for my author interviews and pinned them there and pinned the rest under my blog name, Written in Ambers.

Use great images in your blog. a picture says a thousand words, or so I’m told. There are loads of Free stock images, with no attributes or royalties attached. Pixabay is a great starting point. Don’t forget to use keywords the alt description when you add and edit photos to your blog. these key descriptions are used as the primary function of Pinterest as a search engine. Get savvy with SEO

Finally learn SEO 😉

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