Trick or Treat? Self taught special effects make-up artist #Halloween

Welcome each and every one of you, on this night, All Hallows’ Eve.

Let’s start with a treat.

Mua sfx sfxmakeupartist facepaint DarkElf
One devilish Dark-Elf

Introducing a talented lady with a unique skill set for gore. Abi has been busy this Halloween. After performing a frightening 10 hours of sfx witchery, she transformed hordes of people into fantastical fiends. And that was just Saturday; she’ll be gearing up to start again tonight for trick-or-treating.

What I admire most about Abi, is her tenacity. She’s a working, mother of three, with a passion for criminology and law. Making her my ideal research accomplice. Shh … she doesn’t know it yet!

Her established business Face It is a hit with all ages and continues to grow in popularity. I love her disturbingly dark sense of humour, reminding me not to take life to seriously.


Abi not only conjurers up creatures from nightmares and fantasies, she also runs workshops in face painting and special effects.Β  Last Halloween my daughter and I had the pleasure of attending her sfxmakeup fright night. It was amazing!

Are you ready for your HalloweenΒ TRICK?

Feeling brave?

Be warned: Blood and gore.

blood & gore sfxmakeup mua

Happy Halloween my wonderfully, wicked readers.

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