Book Review ~ Sentinel by Josi Russell

Sentinel by Josi Russell

Book 3 of the Caretaker Chronicles, Sentinel. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the ARC in exchange for my honest review. So thank you Future House Publishing for the opportunity.

I have not read the other books in the series but this reads as a standalone. Josi Russell’s novel captured me from the start. I love watching Sci-fi but this was my first book in the genre. It did not disappoint!

Sentinels is about the Caretakers psychic son, Rigel. Who has manipulated those around him since childhood. He’s selfish and a little corrupt, making his journey through the book all the sweeter. Sentinels captures the complexity of relationships. Rigel’s family have made excuses for his behaviour until they become exasperated by his lack of remorse. Rigel doesn’t understand their anger and pain because he has always been that way. Rigel is shoved into a situation that he can’t wrangle out of. For the first time he has to work for the things he wants.

I rate the book ~ 3.5 stars.

The novel has a good storyline and interesting Sci-fi elements that seemed plausible to me. Except for the finale which was a little convenient. The author has a great grasp of writing characters with flaws and challenges them to grow. I went from despising Rigel to 100% routing for him. The romance between Rigel and Carine left a lot to be desired, lacking apprehension and seduction. The author has great visual and sensory writing, immersing me in her worlds.

I enjoyed the book, it was an easy read but I was a little let down by the ending.

Sentinels can be found on Amazon from the 17th of November.





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