Mythica by Kevin L. Nielsen

I received a copy of Mythica from Future House Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review.

Mythica ~ A quest for heroes.

Stuck in a life of indentured servitude, Marek dreams of becoming a wizard despite it being a dangerous profession. When Marek’s stubbornness pushes her master over the edge, she escapes and sets out to make her own way in the world. No one takes the hopeful magician seriously until she meets a severe priestess named Teela, who is in such desperate need of help that she accepts Marek’s offer. After recruiting a warrior named Thane and a thief named Dagen, Marek leads the four of them on an epic quest to defeat an ogre and rescue Teela’s sister.

I award this novel 4 stars.

A great read, full of suspense and action. High adventure, battling against real odds with a taste of romance than made my heart quiver.

I loved all the characters, especially Marek. The author gave her realistic flaws with no way out of them, even though he offered tantalising glimpses of an easy path. Marek has no choice but to accept who she is and conquer by embracing them. The author writes realistic consequences of magic, seamless world building and believable characters.

I ended the novel feeling frustrated and cheated that the journey wasn’t yet complete. Even though Marek completes what she set out to achieve, the core of the story is left for the next book. If you’re happy to read and patiently await the next in the series, then this is a fabulous book to get stuck into.

Kevin L Nielsen is in the process of fund raising to produce a movie of Mythica. I for one hope he succeeds. If you’re interested in knowing more about the author, check out my interview blog.

The movie Mythica.

Mythica is the most ambitious indie fantasy project ever undertaken. Arrowstorm Entertainment shot three feature films from October 2013 to March 2014, and finished production on Mythica 4 and 5 thanks to the generous backing of their community of fans. At Future House Publishing, we’re excited to produce the novelization for Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. The Mythica Novelization will give new and returning fans a deeper look inside the story and is a must-read for lovers of the fantasy genre. The Mythica Novelization was penned by bestselling fantasy author Kevin L. Nielsen.

 Mythica movie trailer

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