Blogger Recognition Award

I want to apologise for my sporadic posts, WordPress and my internet provider are not playing well together. And I have no idea of how to fix it, Grrr. Its working fine now but who knows for how long. So without further ado…

blogger recognition award
I did a little celebratory dance when I was nominated for this award. It’s a lovely thought knowing someone out there likes my posts. A massive hug to the sweetheart who nominated me:

A book lovers corner – by Cassiopeia’s Moon

Check out her blog, like me she knows the value of escaping into books and becoming wrapped up in words. It’s what makes life worth living, well for me anyway. πŸ™‚

Lets get the rules out of the way:

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the awards to.

Author Lorraine Ambers writing desk

My blog story is simple. My creative writing tutor has been urging me to get started with my blog for quite some time. She told me it was the next step after completing the first draft of my debut novel. In all honesty I dreaded it; what would I write? How was I going to find the discipline to write regularly? I needn’t have worried. I took to it like a faerie learning to fly. I have to say the community as a whole is genuine, warm and welcoming. I love you all.

Sword Fairy Angel Wings Fantasy

Photo via –

My advice is;

  • Use images in your posts. They catch the reader’s attention and hopefully keep it fixed on your post. We all the benefits of that.
  • Use stock free images making sure there are no royalties attached. The last thing you want is a fine for using someone else’s pictures.

Now for my nominees, in no particular order

The Eternal Scribbler
Millie Schnidt
Richard M. Ankers
Nicholas C. Rossis
Kristen Twardowski
Dirty Sci-Fi Budda
S.K Nicholas – A Journal For Damned Lovers
Dan Alatorre – Author
Josephite Literary Reviews
Annika Perry’s writing blog
Kira Butler
Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Georgina Cromarty – The Writing Chimp
Author April L Wood
Kirsty Nicolle

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