Review – The Leigion Awakes by J.R.Handley

I recieved a copy of this novel from the author J.R.Hadley in exchange for an honest review.

Back Page Blurb:

The Legion Awakes (The Sleeping Leigion Book 1)

The Legion Awakes J.R.Handley

A century ago, all but two members of Lance Scipio’s unit were executed.

Now he is woken into a strange new time, and tasked with whipping into shape the worst squad of misfits in the entire Human Marine Corps.


2565AD. Tranquility-4 near the frontier of the White Knight Empire. Guided by mysterious orders, the authorities at the Human Marine Corps base of Beta City thaw Lance Scipio. In 2441, an entire Marine company was executed with the exception of Captain Grimgerde and Sergeant Lance Scipio, the usual punishment for running in the face of the enemy. But these two were preserved… as if they would be required in the future.

Scipio is not expected to escape execution for long, but he has been given a slim chance. For a Marine, a chance can be all that’s needed to change the fate of worlds…

The Sleeping Legion is a breakneck new sequence of military science fiction novels set in the worlds of the international bestselling series: ‘The Human Legion’.

My review:

If I’m honest, this type of book is not my cup of tea. It’s graffic in the art of warfare, a subject I’m not comfortable with. My personel prefference has coloured my judgment and rating. Otherwise it would have recieved 4 stars.

I award this book 3.5 stars.

What I loved:

Sgt Scipio is a dedicated and professional solider who puts the welfare of his troops as top priority. Sgt Scipio prepares his squad for the harsh reality of battle. I was immersed in the life of a solider, it was brutal and gritty. The author’s military knowledge gives an honest account of a soldier’s life.

The world building and artificial intelligence is brilliant. The novel reveals clear, vivid setting throughout. I enjoyed the story arc, it was enthralling. Keeping me interested during the course of the book. I also want to applaud the quality of writing.

This novel gave me a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a soldier. How they think, act and adapt, to become who they must to win.

What I disliked:

The long names of the squads became tedious, I ignored most of them. I had to back track to get a sense of place during the training scenes. The story nature requires a high number of characters, sometimes their introduction pulled me from the story.

I recommend this book to sci-fi fans, who appreciate the gore and tactics of a military life.

J.R. Handley

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