How to title your book

This is no easy task. In fact my novel has had several working titles over the development of the book, none of which are any good or of any use.

I’ve researched my genre, found the running themes to my novel and brainstormed for your hours.

There’s nothing more disheartening than having an excellent title in mind only to discover it’s already in use. Not the smartest move, especially if the other Author is a run away success.

Or when your friends tell you it sounds like an erotica novel. (This happens a lot, I guess I have a dirty mind 😳.)

Thankfully I came across Kim Chance’s awesome YouTube channel with advice on this matter. 

Definitely worth a look. 

24 thoughts on “How to title your book

  1. It took me a long time before my book’s current title came to me. I haven’t released it yet as it is still technically a working title and could change, but hopefully it won’t. As I discussed back in May, names carry a lot of power (for titles as well as characters).

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      1. It takes a while yes, but you’ll get there. Old working titles, if you like them, can find their place in a number of different ways too. Myself, I’m pleased with the book and series titles I finally chose and hopefully they will stick. With the book en route to publication it shouldn’t be too much longer I hope before I publicly announce the title.

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      1. I assumed things would move swifter once an agent was on board. Hum, I have one chapter to edit and I’m sending my MS to 5 agents. My next move is to small publishing houses. I admire indie authors, it takes guts to go it alone.

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