Review ~ The Seeker by Cait Ashwood

I missed the deadline to receive the full copy of this novel. But I was given the first three chapters, which I loved and had to buy the full version.  Here is my honest review.

Back Page Blurb:

The seekers novel cover cait ashwoodAudrey’s always felt there’s more to life than being stuck in the same old 9-5 routine. When a black-clad stranger says she meets the criteria for his recruitment program, she can’t help but be intrigued. The fact that he’s from nine hundred years in the future only adds to the appeal.

Hound has been searching for ancestors of the Order his entire life. The power to heal the earth resides in their blood, and they are all that stands between humanity and starvation. But protecting Audrey isn’t an easy task, not when her uncontrollable talents only paint a target on their backs. Doing a head count after the latest in a series of disasters, Hound comes up two short– Audrey and his right-hand man are missing. What would make Ace take the strongest Chosen of the era away from the safety of her group, and even more troubling, why wasn’t he informed?



I award The Seekers 4 stars

My review: The Seeekers (Order of the Lily Book 1)

What I loved:

Audrey has the perfect blend of flaws and talents, making her extraordinary gifts believable. I love all the seekers and their individual, complex characters. Together their personalities drew me into the story and kept me engaged until the end. There’s the tantalising idea of romance that built anticipation.

The world building is natural and simplistic. It complements the stories theme, showing the balance between life and death. The author creates vivid scenery. Her voice is authentic, a gentle balm, lulling me into her story. There were fantastic plots, leaving me unsure of which characters to trust. A week later and I’m still thinking about Audrey, Ace and Hound. A fantastic story.

What I disliked:

There was no plot resolve, which made the final scenes melodramatic. Leaving to many unanswered questions about the antagonist. (Unresolved novels are becoming a pet peeve of mine!) I’m sure they’ll be answered in the following series. I can’t wait to read it.

I recommend this book to lovers of fantasy, who want to fall in love with the characters and follow their journey.

Cait Ashwood


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