You can be supernatural too

I have learnt to listen to my mind, body and soul. The last thing a creative person needs is a burnout. Our work dries up and comes to a grinding halt. Exasperated, the original problem is prolonged. Meaning, the journey to getting back on track is even harder.

What should we do when life reveals itโ€™s self as a broken fairy-tale? Unlike a fantasy novel, there is no Dark Knight to save us. The first step is realisation. Our realm is what we make it.

Inspiration butterflys Pexel-image

I’ve had my share of experiences to wonderland and back. I’m keen to keep myself on an even keel. In pursuit of more knowledge I stumbled across this enlightening YouTube clip.

Psychological well-being by Nina Ellis-Hervey at TED

Nina is an inspirational woman. Who has learnt valuable lessons from her failures and strives to encourage others, that they too, can achieve anything they put their minds too.

Thank you message in a bottle

So to all of my fellow writers, as Nina says:

Dream big or not at all.

Share your favourite inspirational quotes or sites with me. We all need encouragement from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Author Lorraine Ambers YA fantasy romance

ยฉ Author Lorraine Ambers &, 2016.

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