So You Wanna Chase A Dream?: 10 To-Do’s From A Sociopath

Chasing dreams and how to maintain your goal from a fellow blogger who made me laugh out load. #hilarious

Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy, {Insert Future Here}- how goes it? Should the typhoons of Nebula have thoroughly washed over you – then HAZAH! The LSD that I’ve slipped into your morning coffee has taken effect. You should all now be primped and primed for more ramblings from a guy, who should be wearing a straitjacket, while knee-deep in foil hats, (-howling sensually at the moon #TooMuchCoffee #SoSoGood).

Anyway, for those of you accustomed to my shenanigans, you’ve seen the title, (and have likely/wisely run for the hills #StillOnAcid). But, for you newer awesome’s – every once in a while, I get a nag in my sack, (#YesTHATSack), to drop a list of useful tidbits, that don’t necessarily fit into the mold of my daily jargon. They are irreverent,  psychotic (thus the title), and I’ve been told they’re funny, (but I MEAN EVERY WORD! #SoSerious)-

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