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Four months ago I finished my first novel and submitted my book baby to a select few literary agencies. It’s equally exciting and nerve wrecking. Patience is proving not to be my strong suit, especially when I’m awaiting a reply from an agent who has blogged that it will take her a lot longer if she’s torn on a MS.

While part of me pats my shoulder for at least hooking an agent, the other half is wondering if my submission ever made it to her slush pile. As I’m not planning on embarrassing myself by asking for confirmation, I’ll have to hang tight.

During these months I’ve busied my obsessional brain by starting book two of the Shadow Knight Series. I’ve almost finished! I know how I’m going to tie up the two remaining subplots to conclude this novel, but my writings floundering. I’m dragging out scenes and adding pointless interactions with characters. I know why, fear, I never planned on finishing the novel so fast.

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I heard a great mantra today, ‘Look how far you’ve come and not how far you have to go.’ It put my author career into perspective. Three years ago I joined a creative writing class to discover my sense of self. Six months later I discovered my niche and started a rough draft of my first novel.

During the past two years I’ve designed my brand, built my platform and as of a year ago launched my blog. Thank you to my 400 followers; you’ve been a constant source of encouragement and kindness.

Most of us writers have family and work commitments that need to be juggled. Looking at the bigger picture, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come in a short amount of time.

So take a look at your own journey and congratulate yourself on your hard work and dedication. You deserve it.

Drop me a message; tell me about your progress. We’re all on this journey together and I love hearing from you.

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18 thoughts on “Look how far you’ve come

  1. You’ll get there with your first novel, Lorraine. I’m sure of it. It is amazing when looking back to see how far one’s come. With me, as I’m sure I mentioned before, I sent Mystical Greenwood back to my publisher for round 2 of editing. I’m hoping in the next couple weeks to work some more on the next book in the One with Nature trilogy, as well as a story I worked on once about neglected and abused pets.

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  2. Good morning! Like you, it all started with a creative writing class a few years ago. Since then, I finished a novel, sent it to my critique group, did revisions, sent it to a group of beta readers, made a few more revisions, and now it’s with a final beta reader. The query letter is almost ready to go. Since then, I’ve started a second novel. That’s where I’m at! You hang in there!

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  3. Yes! Lorraine. We should be forever friends! Congrats on finishing and submitting your work to agents. I agree with Andrew McDowell! “Keep looking, be patient, and you’ll find someone willing to take your work on.” I also agree with you said Lorraine, “Look how far you’ve come and not how far you have to go.” This is very clever! Because when you think about your accomplishments, you will be light as a feather! And content with whatever results!!!! Great post!

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  4. Congratulations. Most people who say, “I think I’ll write a book,” have no idea what it really takes. I know I didn’t. Patience, long nights, rewrites, platform, blog, spinning 7 plates hoping one won’t fall. I’m in my 2nd draft.stopped in between and did some book learning. It’s been 2years. I also recorded piano music for mine to listen to while you read and will promote the album with the book – maybe use it as a give away. I found you today because I had a digital artist lined up to do the book cover/ album cover who just told me personal issues are causing him to back out. Darn. I’ve been using a stock photo on my blog and I don’t want people to get attached to it. So in my blog surfing I thought your post looked interesting. Good luck to you. Is your book out yet or are you still waiting?

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    1. I’m still waiting. I’ve finished the first draft of novel 2 & recently did another round of edits for my first novel & submitted it again. Then it write, revise & repeat. There are some talented digital artist on fb, they love to work with authors. Maybe ask on there? Best of luck, I look forward to reading your posts.


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