Crazy Cat Lady


Missing cat,

Jasper’s been lost since bonfire night. I’m convinced the fireworks scared him into hiding.

Day three of missing Jasper: I’d implemented the street search for kitty. I took my beagle and traipsed the housing estate, fields and Jasper’s general hangouts. The vet’s had been checked and my neighbours were on the lookout.

Day Five: Driving the kids to school, I spotted a black cat. I approached with caution and picked him up. He looked terrified, and his jet black fur had turned slightly auburn. Did the sun do that? Jasper usually prowled at night and slept on my bed in daylight hours. Undeterred, I shoved the scrambling cat into my car. The imposter leapt onto my sons lap, stabbing his legs with razor sharp claws.

My kids shriek, ‘he’s not our cat!’

I inspect the creature, ‘How do you know? It might be.’

My daughter raised her brows. She looks at me with an expression that read – are you nuts? ‘He’s brown.’

The cat meows. It’s not high and tuneful, but gritty and low. That’s not our cat. I leap out of the car, run around to the boot and let the scatty cat out.

I’m at a disadvantage now, because the flyers of my missing cat are useless, I’ve seen a black cat with green eyes and no collar. So have my neighbours, problem is… it’s NOT MY CAT!

Crazy Cat Lady

I’d like to say that was the only abduction of similar cats… it’s not.

A week later the imposter cat returned and sat opposite my house. He was watching the birds in the shrubs, just like Jasper use to do. This time I brought him home and offered him food. Yes he’s fur was tinged, but the poor guy been feral for weeks. That could happen, right? I’m at a loss, the cats arches his back. Ahh, I have a brain wave, our beagle will recognise him. So I call in enforcements,

‘Dexter, Jaspers home,’ I say.

Dexter disagrees and chases the cat out of the house. I have not seen imposter cat since. Neither have any of my neighbours.

I continue to stalk my neighbourhood, calling out of the car window, ‘Jasper!’ Perhaps news of the Crazy Cat Lady has spread to the cat world? All black cats seem weary. Why aren’t any of the black cats around here wearing collars?

It’s been four weeks since my wiley cat disappeared. I must admit, at times it’s been tempting to pack up his belongings and give into the despair. But even in the darkest of times there is always hope.


I’m able to stay positive because of the amazing support and help from my neighbours and friends. They’ve led me to many possible sightings.

Beagle dog Black cat laying together

Recently a neighbour was amazed by a small black cat. He ran up to her little dog, sniffed his face and then followed them on a walk. The unusual cat behaviour is a classic trait of Jasper. He often follows me and Dexter on our walks. I’m confident Jasper is alive and thriving.

When he gets home he’ll be in so much trouble, I’ll probably buy him a radiator bed and better treats.

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Why not share your positive pet stories with me. Thanks for reading.

© Author Lorraine Ambers and, 2016.

18 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady

  1. I’m so sorry. I pray he will be home again safe soon. My first dog, Brandy, once got loose – without a collar on. We kept searching around, and then by chance when we were driving back home, I looked back and I saw her. We stopped, and when I called to her she came running up to me. I was so relieved to have her home. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened had I not looked back.

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  2. Oh, my God, I couldn’t bear knowing my baby was out there. I’m so terribly sorry that he is still missing.
    I would try to get into the story of my parrot Peanut and I were separated for two years, but I just can’t do it or I will get emotional. I’ll just say that, we were reunited, and that my life is so blessed to have him back. I adopted him when he was 10 & 1/2 weeks old, he will be 31 in March. 2+ years without him was the hardest time I had gone through.
    I will say a prayer tonight for your family and Jasper. God Bless.

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  3. Oh dear, I am late in reading this as I am a new blogger. I have many story to tell about my cat, which is half of what my blog is about. I hope your cat has come back. I never owned a cat or any pet in my life until almost 2 years ago. I’m in my 50’s. I can’t believed I lived without a kitty all my life! Has your cat come back yet? I’ll read newer posts. This is the first one I read.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. No, he hasn’t come back yet, and unfortunately the imposter cat saga has continued. Perhaps I’ll blog about the weekend I took in a stray cat, never again!
      I only started loving pets 5 years ago, it’s amazing how much pleasure they bring to our lives.

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