Whats your favourite pitch? #PitMad

Calling all writers ready for pitching and all book bloggers – help me pick a pitch.

The first #PitMad event of the year, hosted by @pitchwars, is coming up soon! June 7th kicks off the first round at 8am – 8pm EDT. Stay up to date on events by following @pitchwars on Twitter or by checking out the #PitMad page at pitchwars.org/pitmad. For more information about the event head over to www.polishandpitch.com

So what is #PitMad exactly?

Well polish and pitch say: #PitMad is a Twitter hashtag event used by agents and unsigned authors alike with the goal of connecting the two. During the event, unagented writers are invited to share their story pitch via tweet with the #PitMad tag. Agents will be spending the day reading tweets with these tags, “liking”… the tweets that they are interested in and eager to receive further material from. Best case scenario, an agent likes your tweet, loves your additional material, and then offers you a contract!

Artwork attributed to LaMuserie http://www.lamuserie.net

1. Lovesick, princess Alysia escapes the siege, when her coveted guard Sander, becomes fatally wounded. She must choose between saving his life, fearing he’s involved in the massacre or focus on rescuing her father, the King.

2. Sheltered princess Alysia bargains with a magician to save her beloveds life, knowing any vows made will have powerfully binding consequences for her kingdom.

3. Lovesick, imposter, guard Sander must choose to reveal his identity to his coveted princess or risk his magician brother capturing her to steal her powers and kingdom.

4. Telepathic princess Alysia’s kingdom is overthrown but she escapes. Should she sacrifice her freedom & powers to save the king or rule in his stead?

5. Princess Alysia’s kingdom is overthrown. Should she sacrifice herself to save her realm or place her trust in a deceitful guard, knowing his magician brother is responsible?

6. Guard Sander’s identity is jeopardised when the place is conquered. Should he unite with his brother, the one responsible for the attack, or defeat him to save his secret love the princess.

Ok guys, there you have it. I can use three variations to help me hook an agents interest.

What are your favourites?

I need your help.

Author Lorraine Ambers - YA fantasy romance writer

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43 thoughts on “Whats your favourite pitch? #PitMad

      1. One quick thing, if you do use number 5 I think maybe remove or change the word “deceitful” as a descriptive for the guard.

        Mainly because it would make them question why she would even consider working with someone deceitful – maybe “a guard with secrets” or something?

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      2. I think another word would work better – something that shows he’s not trustworthy. Just think deceitful might been too strong.

        PS: How’s the sequel coming along?

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      3. Yay! Can’t wait!!

        Dark Hart is on its 2nd draft as is still with my Alpha reader (he’s been mega busy at work so I’m not pushing him).

        Once he has finished his edits and I run through it again I will be ready for betas. (GAH, that will be so stressful, I never let people read my stuff)

        My new WIP is probably going to come out strong. I am working on a deeper outline and trying not to keep writing scenes until the outline is finished.

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  1. I like #2, but you need to use an apostrophe in (beloved’s) if an agent is going to see it. Any errors they see in a pitch, they will assume your writing has the same errors.
    I like #4 but delete Telepathic. If she’s telepathic, why didn’t she foresee the trouble?
    #1 would be much better if you tweek it.
    Princess Alysia escapes the siege on her father’s kingdom, but her personal guard Sander, is fatally wounded. She must choose between saving his life or rescuing her father, the King.
    The simpler a sentence is, the easier it will be to understand.

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    1. I saw another person suggested removing telepathic – I personally disagree, but this is because ‘telepathy’ means communicating with another’s mind, not foreseeing the future. Without it, I think I’d be disappointed if I were an agent looking for a historical romance and ended up with a fantasy. I think something like ‘telepathy’ that indicates magical elements is a good thing to have.

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      1. That’s why I added telepathic – to indicate my genre.
        I agree that telepathy means communication between minds, however the dictionary also claims it shares psychic abilities. 🤔
        I’m tempted to use it and hope the agents don’t come to the same conclusion as Ron.


  2. I like numbers 2, 4 and 6. It seems like stories that has anything to do with bargaining can go in so many directions. Number 6 can go in numerous directions also because it deals with family and bringing family can unbury a deep back story.

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  3. I was drawn to 1 and 2. I’m leaning towards 2. Sheltered stood out. The word caused me to be curious. Adding sheltered with princess drew me in even more.

    Bargains with a magician, caught my eye. A sheltered princess bargains. How does that happen? I wanted to know more.

    Who is the magician and how did she contact him if she’s sheltered?

    Why will there be consequences?

    I did a pitch last year at the Portland Writer’s Conference. We stood up in front of agents, along with an audience, microphone in hand and gave our pitch. Some of the authors had a couple of drinks. It was a tad nerve wracking.

    I was given one advice from an agent I’ll never forget. She said the more questions you can ask the better the pitch. As you can see, I asked a lot of questions.

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    1. Wow, what a great experience. Well done on your bravery!

      I had to read out a pub quiz when I was a barmaid. That was bad enough, but throw in our own work – that’s terrifying.

      Thanks for your comments, I hoped sheltered would have that effect. 😊


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