Creating Simple Character Profiles

We all love things that make our lives a little easier. Especially, when being a writer can sometimes begin to feel like creative chaos:

How many characters do I have?

Where were they born?

Wait! What colour did I say their eyes were?

So many questions, so little time… and how many scraps of paper, notebooks or random computer files have I used to catalogue all this info?

Fear not, to help us all become a little more organised, I’ve created some fun worksheets that can be filled in and filed away to kickstart your WIP bible.

worksheet-writing tool

If you’re confused by what a writers bible looks like, then head on over to Kate’s fantastic blog to find out why you should have a series bible and what to include in them. Her posts are a wonderful resource for any writer, full of insightful, practical writing and editing tips.

Of course, characters are more than just appearances, they need to develop a distinct personality based on their fictional experiences and journey. To navigate that, I’ve developed another worksheet that delves a little deeper.

While not all of this information will be used in the novel, it will give you, the creator, a better grasp of who this character is, what makes them tick.

You might like to refer to one of my other post, How to Create Believable Villains, which will hopefully inspire you while developing your antagonist.


I hope you found them helpful and I hope you figure out a way to print them out!!
Author Lorraine Ambers - fantasy romance writer

Let me know if I’ve missed something important and remember to keep an eye out for more worksheets in the future. I’m currently working on character family charts and Goal-Conflict-Stakes worksheets.

Until next time, Much Love.

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19 thoughts on “Creating Simple Character Profiles

  1. I’ve realized I need some good way to store such information very early after I started writing, though my method is different – a single excel spreadsheet. The advantage is that I can color the lines belonging to each individual character by their status.

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  2. Reblogged this on Ethereal Seals: Dragonsoul and commented:
    Setting up an archive of your characters’ attributes is an important step for any worldbuilder. Some choose to keep profiles in text documents, while others use excel spreadsheets. If you need a template for character profiles, then here’s an article from a fellow blogger. She has some cool tips on character building and archiving your cast. Cheers.

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