A Writer’s Dream Wish List

We writers are mercurial creatures, each with our own unique quirks, aspirations and preferences that drive us to create stories. Have you ever wondered if all writers desire the same things? I’ve created a fun, whimsical infographic that contains seven, unrealistic desires of a writer. Enjoy!

Do you agree with any of these wishes? Or perhaps you have something different to add to the wish list.

Why not share them with me, you know I love hearing from you.

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Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Much Love.

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28 thoughts on “A Writer’s Dream Wish List

  1. I tried writing in total silence. It was a total disaster plus it felt kind of creepy. I find it very comfortable to have instrumental music playing softly in the background. Hooked On Classics is great to hear as is the soundtrack from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Whatever you choose you don’t want the volume up loud enough so that it distracts you. The volume should be loud enough that you’re barely aware that it’s playing. Music with lyrics isn’t very good because you may start actively listening to the words and become distracted by the lyrics.

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  2. These are 100% spot on. I’m wishing for all of these things at the moment, especially a room with a view! ❤ In my flat the windows are quite high up and don't look out onto much. We're saving to buy a place, and my only insistent preference is, "it has to have big windows!" ❤
    Great list, Rainy! xx

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