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Fright Night Favourites

Images by SFX makeup artist Abi – Click Trick or Treat to see last Halloweens post, featuring Abi’s spectacular ‘Fright Night’ art work.

It’s not the tradition of trick or treating that I like, or the horror films that threaten to terrify. I have enough ghosts of my own. It’s the pleasure of the senses, familiar but reborn each year.

Nights draw closer for All Hallows’ Eve, blanketing me under the inky depths of superstition and the unknown. Spiced pumpkin, jack o’lanterns and the brisk cold that allows you to imagine the whispered beginnings of log fires and hot chocolate.

Costumes for young and old. Playful, wicked gleams, in the eyes of those who participate. Gone are the days of plastic liners, fashioned into a witches dress or Draculas cape. The competition has risen, pushing for bolder designs of fancy.

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Don’t you want to be someone else for a night?

Autumnal colours, the crunch of acorns and crisp bracken under wellington boots, auburn leaves that dance in the wind. The thinning umbrella of the forest roof. Nightfall brings exclusivity. Just me on a path, one amber street lamp at a time.

And there are only five sleeps left until the promise of sparklers and fire. When the sweet smell of caramelised onions and roasted pork will scent the air. Thick woollen scarves and bright coloured mitts. A shower of science and magic will ignite in rainbow dust, under the moon lit sky. Filling my heart with child-like joy, unbridled and addictive.

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What are your favourite things about this season? Thanks for reading and enjoy Happy Halloween.

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